5 Retirement Strategies ONLY Available to Business Owners

How to use your business as a retirement plan, even if you're nearing retirement age and have no other investments!

In This Free Guide, You'll Learn:

  • The 5 retirement strategies only available to $6+figure businesses (hint: it's not a 401k!)

  • My hack to calculate how much monthly retirement income you will you can retire early and travel, give back, and afford your hobbies

  • How to prep your business for the day you never have to work again (financial freedom)

  • Learn the my favorite strategies to turn my clients' business into passive income (these will really surprise you!)

What Other's Are Saying After Getting The Guide...

I was under the impression that I had a great plan in place. However, I printed out and worked on this packet from Sarah and found some questions I was unable to answer. I will now work on filling some of the holes I have in my plan and put it in our home where my family can find it! Thanks so much for sharing this document, Sarah. I had no idea what I was missing!

Dr. Nytarsha

Practice Owner

An amazing tool for business owners to get some of the things on paper that are in our heads. I love that there is an exit strategy.

Tricia K.

Business Owner

Something I love about Sarah is that she has all the knowledge you need to protect your family & business and plan for the future, but she listens to what pieces are really important to you before creating a plan. This is an easy starting point to review your big picture and assess your needs. 

Dr. Amy

Practice Owner

As a mom it's important to me that my children are protected and that my husband and I have planned for a variety of things to make sure that they will be taken care of and provided for. We've planned so much personally, but up until this point I've done very little planning for my business. This guide gave me the right questions to ask, and the confidence to set things up so that if anything happens to me, the answers will be readily available for my family. This feels like a heavy burden I didn't even realize I was carrying has been lifted off my shoulders. 

Brianna J.

Business Owner


Hey! I'm Sarah.

I built my first side hustle when I was 14 and by the time I was 19 it was my full-time income...but all of that changed when my younger sister was diagnosed with cancer. Before my 20th birthday, my sister had passed, my parents divorced, my boyfriend cheated and then my dog died.

That summer I sold my $5-figure business and went backpacking through Mexico. The sale of my business gave me the cash and freedom to travel, volunteer for a cause that was meaningful to me...and the breathing room I needed to come back to life.

As a money coach for entrepreneurs, I meet a lot of business owners who have no reserves, no fallback plan, and love what they do... with no plans to retire. But one thing we ALL want is financial freedom. I created this guide to show you how a proper business retirement strategy can give that to you.

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