Money Manifestation: How To Triple Compound Your Wealth By Investing Outside Your Business

Money Manifestation: How To Triple Compound Your Wealth By Investing Outside Your Business

June 22, 20248 min read

“Women who reinvest back into their business (and don't invest elsewhere) are taking a massive risk with their family's financial future.”

As a savvy business woman, you've mastered the art of reinvesting profits back into your business to fuel growth. However, while this strategy is essential for business expansion, it may not be the quickest path to personal wealth accumulation. The returns on invested capital within your business are tied to its growth rate, which means YOU and your skill in business, sales and marketing are the bottleneck.

As a financial advisor who specializes in retirement for business women, I've seen over and over the consequences of not diversifying your wealth. Women who reinvest back into their business (and don't invest elsewhere) are taking a massive risk with their family's financial future.

So this week on Fierce Feminine Finance, I'm sharing the best way to Triple Compound your wealth as a savvy business woman!

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Two Ways Investing Protects Your Family's Financial Future

If we look at in terms of traditional financial wisdom, we see a number of reasons why investing in assets outside your own business just makes sense:

Even if you've beaten the odds to become one of only 16% of American business owners who ever reach $6+figures, you're still taking a massive risk.

Why? Because keeping all your eggs in one basket means if anything ever happens to your business, you would be starting from scratch. The average business has only 28 days of cash on hand. And in a Federal Reserve survey of business owners, 17% of business owners admitted that if faced with two months of declining revenues, they would have to close.

Investing in assets outside your business protects you and your family in case of a few slow months (or years).

There's also the risk of a lawsuit wiping out your business's cash. All it takes is one upset customer; one error on the part of an employee, or not enough coverage in your liability insurance policy.

When you invest outside your business, if you have the proper legal protection in place, those assets can be left untouched by the lawsuit and provide a necessary second option for income to your family when they need it the most.

In other words, investing gives you an option for building wealth without keeping all your eggs in one basket!

All eggs in one basket

Advantages of Diversifying Your Investments

Okay, we've talked about the dark side of not investing.

What are the advantages of having a diverse portfolio of investments outside your business?

I celebrated my 30th birthday with ZERO investments, savings or retirement plans. I had a business I loved but I traded time-for-money 7 days a week, often 15-hour days, and made less than $100k a year... which meant that it would have made a terrible retirement.

Yet by changing my focus to becoming a financially literate InvestHER I was able to go from feeling totally behind (and worried that I'd have to work until I died) to being on track to retire before my 45th birthday.

It took me less than five years to get there. So the idea that it takes a "long time" to build wealth is nonsense: what it DOES take is knowledge. Dedication. Self-discipline.

How To Build That Wealthy Lifestyle You've Been Dreaming Of

One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in the stock market.

woman investor

Stocks offer a way for you to compound your wealth, through both appreciation (increased value) and also dividends (a portion of profits shared with shareholders like you and me).

By carefully selecting a mix of growth stocks, dividend-paying stocks, and mutual funds, you can build a diverse investment portfolio that grows independently of your business's operational success.

But what I learned through studying how the wealthy invest, is that if you want early retirement, it isn't enough to accumulate a large nest egg—it's about creating sustainable passive income streams that can support your desired lifestyle NOW...while you wait for your long-term investments to accumulate over time.

Investing in cash flowing assets such as rental properties, dividend-paying stocks, and buying boring businesses like vending machine chains, laundromats, and the sale of digital products allows you to create multiple streams of passive income to replace your time-for-money hustle.

Unlike the traditional model of retirement savings, where you rely solely on a fixed sum, these assets provide ongoing income that can grow over time, keeping pace with inflation and maintaining your purchasing power.

In other words: build passive income streams to retire you early, and long-term investments to make sure you stay retired without running out of money in your old age!

How Much Should You Invest

Now you might be wondering, how much do I need to invest every month, to be able to build BOTH short-term passive income streams and also long-term investments for after age 65?

The answer might surprise you!

The first financial advisor I ever spoke to was not familiar with business ownership. His advice (to invest a minimum of $1,200/month to "catch up") drove me into apathy. I later found out that this advice is based on what's best for corporate girlies who have a company matching their 401k...not us business owner women!

While obviously the more you have to invest, the faster you'll find yourself financially free, remember: its not about how much you earn but how well you understand finance so you can reduce your taxes, find clever ways to expand your business to increase your profits, and stick to your budget so you can carve out enough to get started.

A lot of women tell me: "I've done everything I can to earn more and spend less! But inflation and the Silent Depression are making it impossible to carve out room in my budget to get started investing."

To which I always answer: when I started, I was homeless and living in a 1988 Toyota truck. If you have $1 left over at the end of the month... invest that $1 and watch it become $1.50.

Once you get started investing, the money you worked so hard to earn will multiply, again and again, so you no longer have to deny yourself.

Over time, I build a portfolio of investments that sustain my dream lifestyle NOW... and made it possible for me to buy my dream home on a 16-acre farm where I grow my own food, live off-grid, and earn money passively, without ever having to cut back on vacations or my fun money. Along the way, I kept eating way too much avocado toast ;-) and treated myself and my girlfriends to coffee or brunch nearly every week while also investing each month.

I was able to do this because I've learned how to grow my money using compound interest.

I used to think that it would take a long time... but I recently learned a brand new method of not only leveraging compound interest to make my money make money...

But actually Triple Compound so I can build wealth quickly!

This method blew my mind when I learned it, and best of all the training I watched is absolutely free. So go check it out here and make sure you follow me on social media so you can let me know what you thought of it :-)

My Top Financial Life Hack: Vision Board Manifestation

You are the creator of your reality. Your destiny is in your own hands. The universe listens to you. The power to manifest your dream life is yours.

One of the most powerful tools for achieving financial freedom and early retirement is harnessing the art of manifestation by creating a vision board.

vision board

Visualizing your goals and dreams creates a powerful alignment between your thoughts, actions, and outcomes.

I notice a significant increase in my creativity and productivity when I take a few minutes at the beginning of each work day to envision the future I want...right down to getting the emotions and exact sensation of its achievement.

By crafting a vision board that depicts your ideal financial future—complete with images of passive income streams, luxurious travel destinations, or a comfortable retirement—you are setting the stage for success. This technique not only clarifies your intentions but also motivates you to be proactive in taking steps towards achieving them!

Want to know the morning routine I use every day in my $6-figure online business and that helped me get on track with my investments to retire twenty years early?

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