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Sarah Nicole Nadler (Life & Health, Money Coach)

Over the past 17 years, Sarah has built & sold two successful service-based businesses, sold thousands of copies of her books (which landed her on ABC, Fox, and NY Weekly), popularized a digital version of the envelope system of budgeting, and founded Fierce Feminine Finance, a $6-figure money coaching brand for women.

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Dr. Summer Javadi (Money Coach)

As a wife and mom of 7, Summer is passionate about helping families secure their financial future using The Passive Income Pathway method. Her background in human rights advocacy and degree in anthropology give her a unique perspective on how self-sabotage prevents women from achieving their potential, and Summer has the tools to prevent that.

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Stephanie Dawn (Automation, Web & Branding Expert)

As a lifelong artist, Stephanie combines her love of aesthetic design with state-of-the-art web development and graphic design to create automation and branding that make it possible for women to earn more while working less.

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Karen Barber (Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Expert)

Karen has 20 years of experience as a bookkeeper and is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals using The Financial Grip method. She regularly goes above and beyond to ensure business women have the data they need to make smart business decisions at the end of each month!

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We are a team of Money Coaches & licensed financial advisors devoted to helping American women become financially free.

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