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Money Coach for Entrepreneurs

Working with Sarah means you have access to a licensed financial consultant with more than a decade of experience in building wealth for women.

Automation Expert

One of Sarah's favorite ways to build passive wealth is to leverage the power of automation, social media, and digital marketing. Learn how to earn passive income on- or offline.

Certified Life Coach

Whether you're stuck in a money mindset rut, battling limiting beliefs, or just need someone to listen and tackle problems...Sarah has the training & experience to guide you to success!


The Passive Income Pathway

How do you quit your 9-5 or time-sucking business... and create PASSIVE INCOME? How do you become financially free? Find out inside my Passive Income Pathway program! Apply for a spot today.

  • How to get started investing even if you're "not good with money!"

  • How to turn your extra cash into passive income

  • 1:1 and Group Sessions to ensure your success

  • Certified money mindset coaching to uncover & delete your limiting beliefs around wealth

The Plan HER Profits Membership

How do you take an unprofitable business and get it to function properly and CLOSE SALES? Find out inside my Plan HER Profits membership! Apply for a spot today.

  • Our proprietary client-attraction method to make sales from social media without paid ads

  • How to create predictable profits by budgeting & planning ahead

  • Weekly accountability + coaching to ensure your success

  • Certified mindset coaching to uncover & delete your limiting beliefs around wealth

Mini Courses For All Levels

I help women go from broke to financially free. Along the way there are certain milestones EVERY woman needs to accomplish, and speed bumps you will need to overcome.

That's why I have created these mini-courses: as resources to help you all along the way, and as a way to "taste-test" what it's like to work with me inside my coaching programs!

The Financial Grip System of Budgeting

This mini course reveals the budgeting system Ben & I used to pay off debt, build savings and create extra cash each month we could use to start investing!

It also contains bonus video trainings for entrepreneurs and business owners on how to properly set up your Business Financial System so you can make more than you spend and grow your business.

Biz Analytics 101: How To Avoid The #1 Decision-Making Mistake Most Business Women Make

If you don't understand your business numbers, what to track and why, this mini course is for you.

Having a statistic dashboard is a lot like a crystal ball for your business: it tells you exactly WHY things are happening. It's like magic!

The Plan HER Profits Course

Are you ready to learn how to turn your business from a cash-eating monster...into a highly predictable profitable business?

You can get started with just a few dollars of extra cash, so don't wait to become more financially literate!

A Beginner-Friendly Guide To Investing & Building Passive Income for Business Women and Entrepreneurs

Get my exclusive strategy for turning your intellectual property into passive income and growing it to 5-figures per month and beyond! ONLY $37!

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